Affordable Housing, Independent Transportation & Supportive Services For Our Veterans

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Supporting Our Veterans

Patriot Services Group offers America’s “At-Risk” Veterans assistance with permanent housing, independent transportation, and supportive services. We serve Veterans and their families by connecting with local community service providers and coordinating efforts. As a supplement to local programs and providers, PSG empowers Veterans and their specialists and boosts more efficient, effective, and focused allocation of vital resources, drastically improving the chances of success.

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  • Patriot Housing Initiative
  • Patriot Transportation Initiative
  • Patriot Services Initiative

Patriot Housing Initiative

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Patriot Transportation Initiative

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Patriot Services Initiative

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Affordable Veteran Housing

The Patriot Housing Initiative (PHI) combines affordable housing with services that help veterans who face the most complex challenges live with stability, autonomy and dignity. PSG has partnered with The Lynd Group as a resource for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Supportive housing (HUD-VASH) program, which combines Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) rental assistance, long-term case management and clinical service support for Veterans in need.

Veterans are now able to obtain and maintain permanent housing based on “real-life,” practical terms, and in turn, purposeful, measurable, and positive social impact thrives in our communities across America.



Patriot Services Group provides veteran residents free, practical and independent transportation to select locations.  PSG has partnered with One Call and its RelayRIDE system, which combines scheduling, monitoring and communication services together with Lyft’s network of drivers to facilitate getting the veterans to their destinations.