Patriot Transportation Initiative

transportation independence

Transportation Independence — An Unaddressed Void

Reliable transportation is critical to not only housing stability, but also connecting formerly homeless Veterans to steady work, healthcare, support services, and other fundamental needs that promote upward mobility and a successful civilian life.  The lack of a pragmatic transportation solution for homeless Veterans remains a major void that leads to a multitude of adverse consequences:

     • Veterans unable to afford the bus or simply unmotivated, due to the exorbitant time and energy required, fall off the path out of poverty;

     • Social Workers too often wind up driving Veterans, depriving their clients from other more important care;

     • A Veteran’s time and limited discretionary income is misspent on travel instead of food or clothing

     • Veterans rely on a) public transit (inconvenient, untimely, and unsuitable for Veterans who live with physical limitations, PTSD or other mental health conditions), b) fixed-route shuttle programs (if eligible), or c) basic means such as cycling or simply walking…

The Patriot Transportation Initiative

Piloted July 8th, 2019, “Phase I” set out to demonstrate how providing Case Mangers with an easy to use, flexible, ride-sharing transportation alternative can lead to substantial improvements in the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of Veteran programs and services.  PTI takes a pragmatic approach to Veteran transportation, focusing on how to better provide Case Managers with more decision-making authority and autonomy through eliminating impractical barriers.

1. Removing eligibility barriers— PTI’s only “criteria” is the rider must be ambulatory (or accompanied by a Caregiver) and the ride must be non-emergent and within predetermined mileage constraints. That’s it!

2. Removing time-sensitive request requirements— rides can be scheduled “on-demand” or “future scheduled” from most web  browsers (SaaS platform).

3. Broadening location constraints— PTI supports realistic Veteran transportation needs to-and-from:
VA Medical, Intake & Admin Centers, as well as City Services;
Job Interviews, Career Fairs & Beginning Employment;
Classes, Libraries & other Educational Institutions;
Superstores for Food, Clothing and other Necessities.