Patriot Transportation Initiative (PTI)

transportation independence


Access to food, shelter and clothing simply isn’t enough to improve (let alone maintain) a veteran’s quality of life today. Higher education, access to the internet and on-demand transportation are the new minimums in determining Veteran success as a civilian or relapse. Transportation resources are often most limited and therefore lacking modern solutions to modern problems.

These recently homeless Veterans rely on (a.) city bus transit systems, typically inconvenient, untimely and costly if available, (b.) veteran transportation programs like VA’s Veterans Transportation Service (VTS) if eligible, or, (c.) other shuttle-dependent and criteria-driven programs.


Officially piloted July 8th, 2019, Phase I strives to demonstrate how transportation independence empowers veterans and veteran service providers alike, drastically improving the chances of Health Care for Homeless Veterans (HCHV) Program success, and as a result, leads to more efficient, effective, and focused allocation of VA resources. One of the main objectives for Phase I is to act as a supplemental service for transporting veterans to both private and public doctors’ appointments and any other related needs through RelayRIDE on time and as scheduled. As a result, all stakeholders within the VA system are afforded more time, energy, and the ability to focus on their specific duties helping veterans.

The Veteran RelayRIDE program taps into One Call’s ridesharing services and gets veterans where they need to go efficiently and effectively. PTI works to provide transportation independence to veterans so that they can reliably and safely get to:
VA Medical, Outpatient, Intake & Administrative Centers
Classes, Libraries & other Educational Resources
Job Interviews, Career Fairs & Beginning Employment
Superstore for Food, Clothing and other Necessities