Patriot Housing Initiative (PHI)

Veteran Housing Program

Affordable Housing Crisis

In just 3 short years, our Patriot Housing Initiative has helped place over 650 Veterans with clean, safe, and affordable permanent housing based on “real-life” terms, and has established the new standard for Veteran housing.

On any night in January 2018, nearly 40,000 Veterans experienced homelessness in the U.S., accounting for just under 9% of all homeless adults, according to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Federal rental assistance such as Housing Choice Vouchers is highly effective at enabling low-income Veterans to afford stable housing, studies show.  But those eligible — nearly all severely cost- burdened Veterans— don’t receive assistance due to funding restrictions or are unable or simply unmotivated to participate in supportive services.

Veterans that do receive assistance and their Veteran Housing Advocates often face numerous barriers to housing access (e.g., difficult procedures, communication break down between Service Providers and Property Owners, lack of affordable and adequate housing stock) and housing maintenance (e.g., program rules, access to resources). Moreover, fierce rental demand across the income spectrum and insufficient funding for rental subsidies and services are putting Veterans at risk.

Simply put— Affordable Housing is Out of Reach for most.

However, evidence shows that providing homeless Veterans with housing and services based on practical conditions lead to housing stability and improved outcomes in the long term.  Implementing low-barriers to entry and supplementing local programs empower Veterans and their Providers and supports the path out of chronic homelessness.

PSG has spent several years collaborating with Veteran Service Organizations to identify Veteran needs and the obstacles that typically derail housing access.  Streamlining the application process and fostering a Veteran- friendly housing environment built upon support, trust and belief in Veterans, purposeful, measurable, and positive social impact thrives in our communities across America.