Patriot Housing Initiative (PHI)

Clean, Safe, and Affordable Permanent Housing Solutions

Patriot Housing Initiative

The Patriot Housing Initiative (PHI) combines affordable housing with services that help veterans who face the most complex challenges live with stability, autonomy and dignity. PSG has partnered with The Lynd Group as a resource for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Supportive housing (HUD-VASH) program, which combines Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) rental assistance, long-term case management and clinical service support for Veterans in need.

PHI’s role is to provide clean, safe, and affordable permanent housing solutions for America’s “At-Risk” Vets. This is accomplished by strategically acquiring individual properties or portfolios of multifamily assets that best support the HUD-VASH “Housing First Initiative,” streamlining the veteran-resident application process, and supporting intensive case management.

Veterans are now able to obtain and maintain permanent housing based on “real-life,” practical terms, and in turn, purposeful, measurable, and positive social impact thrives in our communities across America.

The “Veteran-Friendly” Application Process

PSG has spent several years establishing the Patriot Housing Initiative, collaborating with numerous HUD-VASH Teams and Supportive Services for Veterans Families organizations to determine the Veterans needs and what obstacles typically derail a veteran application.


  • No Application Fee
  • No Processing Fee
  • No Credit Check Fee
  • PSG Acts as Guarantor for Veteran Security Deposits
  • No Income Rejections
  • No Employment Rejections
  • No Credit Rejections
  • Reasonable Criminal Background Reviews
  • Possible Inclusion of All Utilities

Interested in Helping Our Vets By Selling PSG Your Property?

The Patriot Housing Initiative is made possible through the acquisition of properties that allow us to offer crucial housing services to Veterans in need. We greatly appreciate any individual who wishes to support our mission through a purchase of a property that meets our specifications.

The two property types we are interested in are considered “stabilized” or “value-added.” Generally, we consider a property to be “stabilized” if it requires minimal updates and has a sustainable cash flow. A “value-added” property is one that typically requires more in-depth repairs or does not have a sustainable cash flow but can after further renovations.

If you are interested in buying or selling a property to benefit the Patriot Services Group, please review the documents below, which detail all the requirements a property must meet to be deemed acceptable.

Download our Acquisition Criteria PDF.

Download Acquisition Criteria